Slow lifestyle mission

What does slow fashion and slow design really mean?

  • Timeless design - developing a garment with a cultural and emotional connection is also, costumers will keep an article of clothing longer than one season if they feel emotionally or culturally connected to the article.
  • Keeping the production ethical and non-exploitive, preferably producing locally.
  • Producing and stocking less items: limiting waste by not overstocking and also using pattern cutting techniques that produce less fabric waste.
  • Waste control - using deadstock for new garments and leftover fabric pieces for alternative use. The idea is to avoid fabric waste.
  • Choosing quality fabrics - if the fabric is not high quality the product won’t last. The fabric should be sustainable, organic, natural or certified, tested.
  • Urging costumers not to buy low quality, cheap products just because it's on sale or it's cheap. Think about the real cost of that piece.
  • Respecting our environment and nature.
  • Respecting labor.
  • Taking care of our belongings.