Care instructions


Some baby stains on the Playmat? No problem, you can wash it like this:

    1. Roll the Playmat like a burrito and put it without other clothes in the washing machine.
    2. Handwash program or 30°C, not higher! Low cycle.
    3. Rub and pull the corners of the filling into place with your hands while still moist
    4. Dry flat. No dryer! No ironing!

*Do not use the Playmat outside unless you put something else under it to protect the mat. ** Watch out for pet claws.


  1. All scrunchies can be washed on handwash program or 30°C, not higher! Low cycle. *except for the organza Odile scrunchie - not washable.
  2. Dry flat. No dryer. No ironing.


  1. All kimono's can be washed on handwash program or 30°C, not higher! Low cycle. 
  2. Dry while still moist - hanging on a clothing hanger. No dryer. Ironing on very very low temperature.

Textile artwork

Textile artwork can be a bit wrinkled due to shipping in a box. It is also made from linen, so that is typical for this type of fabric. If the wrinkles and pleats are bothering you too much, you can lightly steam on the back of the artwork.

Certainly do not iron on the pieces of teddy fabric!