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Meet Jeanne

By Jeanne Van de Ginste

Hi, I am Jeanne.  

My offical name is Jana, but back in 1987, the midwife decided to call me Jeanne. Since Jana was too modern back then.

So, -  please call me Jeanne, that name actually suits me better.

Living in Belgium. Mother of 3 girls. I have always been a weird child and creative soul. I studied art direction and graphic design. 


Never waste a good crisis

Jeanne Le Studio was invented and founded in the middle of the COVID19-crisis - May 2020. I was temporarily unemployed, being at home with 2 toddlers and 1 newborn. The world slowed down.

Slow life was a great gift for me. Ever since I was little, I longed for a slower pace of life.

So that I had time to loose myself in the beauty of everyday things. Thanks to this crisis, I received precious time and freedom to work with my hands again, combined with mindful motherhood.


Being a critical thinker.

Why are baby things always printed with stars and ugly glittery unicorns? (you know what I am talking about if you have daughters)
Why must kids' stuff look obvious childish?
Why am I embarrassed if that stuff is in my house when someone comes in? 
Why are you not allowed to have a nice interior from the moment you have a child? Admit it, mother, you have to sacrifice enough already.

Handmade with patience

At that time, my grandmother passed away, and with the fabrics and sewing machine I inherited from her, I set to work with my own hands. Time for a totally different type of Playmat for my youngest Julia, sewn in a small 2-bedroom flat at our kitchen table. 

Meanwhile 2022, I work with a small local confection atelier to whom I learned my new, but labor-intensive, quilting technique.

My unique range blends perfectly into adult interiors, so you don't have to clean it up before visitors arrive. Timeless pieces, full of form and function.  Why settle for something ugly when you can also choose beautiful items that makes you and your baby happy to look at and is comfy to use?


5 things you don't need to know about me

  1.  I hate driving a car
  2.  I always read my magazines backwards
  3.  I love silence (that's why I chose to have 3 children, haha)
  4.  Imposter syndrome is real
  5.  In a holiday home, I first hide all the ugly things before I can relax.